Polycarbonate sheets-Single wall


Made of a single wall structure
Has high strength-to-weight ratio, making the sheets robust and lightweight
Single-wall polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, making them easy to handle and install.
Mainly used in greenhouse roofing, skylights, safety shields, and displays
Often comes with pre-drilled holes or connectors for various mounting options

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Polycarbonate sheets with a single-wall structure are a type of lightweight and durable plastic sheeting used in various applications. Made from polycarbonate resin they are known for their excellent impact resistance, optical clarity, and UV protection. They consist of a single layer of polycarbonate material, varying in thickness based on the intended application. They come mainly in transparent or translucent colour allowing light to pass through. They are much more durable than traditional glass and resistant to impact and shattering. The sheets also have UV-resistant coating to protect against the harmful effects of sunlight. Polycarbonate sheets offer good thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain a stable temperature within structures like greenhouses or skylights.