Screws with rubber washers


Also known as rubber washer screws/ roofing screws
Commonly used in construction
Features a rubber washer bonded on underside of the screw head
Perfect for waterproofing
Used in waterproofing and vibration dampening

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Screws with rubber, are also known as rubber washer screws or roofing screws with rubber washers, are commonly used in construction. They feature a rubber/neoprene washer integrated into their design. The rubber washer serves multiple purposes in construction-waterproofing, vibration dampening, and enhancing the seal between the screw and the material it is being fastened to. The rubber is usually bonded on the under-side of the screw head to create a watertight seal and prevent moisture from penetrating the fastener hole. Due to this feature, the screws are used for waterproofing to prevent water damage. They also dampen vibration especially in HVAC systems and metal roofing. The screws are easy to install with standard power drills.