Cambridge Xpress Shingle (50) Havard Slate


The Cambridge Xpress Shingle (50) in Harvard Slate is a high-quality asphalt shingle designed for roofing in construction.
Has a bold red color and a durable composition
Offers aesthetics and weather-resistant protection for residential and commercial properties.
Vert durable and highly functional
Comes in 50 inches width
Lightweight and easy to install

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The Cambridge Xpress Shingle (50) in the captivating shade of Harvard Slate is a top-tier asphalt roofing shingle specifically engineered for the construction industry. This roofing material has gained popularity due to its exceptional blend of style, durability, and functionality, making it suitable for both residential and commercial construction projects. It comes in 50 inches width, its lightweight making it easy to install. The harvard slate colour adds an appeal to the eye. Its constructed to withstand various weather conditions. It’s also wind-resistant to ensure roof longevity and performance in adverse weather.