Rexe Armourglass Shingles(Black)


The Armourglass Black Shingle is a premium roofing material designed for construction.
Features a dual brown coloration and three-tab design,
Have a visually appealing and durable roofing solution
Suitable for residential and light commercial projects
Constructed from a blend of fiberglass mat and asphalt

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The Armourglass Black Shingle is a top-tier roofing material engineered to meet the demands of construction projects. The shingles offer a visually appealing and long-lasting roofing solution, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of construction applications, including residential and light commercial structures. They are made of high-quality fiberglass mat and asphalt for strength and durability. The striking Tile Red color adds bold and vibrant visual appeal to the roof. The Armourglass Black Shingles are used in various roof designs, including gable and hip roofs. The shingles offer a balance between cost and performance, delivering lasting protection and visual appeal to the structures.