Self drilling screws 1”


Self-drilling screws, 1 inch in length
Specialized fasteners commonly used in construction.
Features a sharp, integrated drill point and a threaded shaft, eliminating the need for pre-drilling holes. Ideal for attaching materials like metal or wood, offering quick and efficient installation with minimal effort.

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Our self-drilling screws, 1-inch length, are indispensable components in the construction industry. These screws are engineered with a unique design that combines the functions of drilling and fastening in a single operation. They are a time-saving and efficient solution for attaching materials such as metal, wood, or even some plastics. These screws are equipped with a sharp drill point at the tip, to allow the screw to create its pilot hole while being driven in the material. Beneath the drill point, the screw has a threaded shaft designed to securely grip and fasten materials together. Its largely applicable to: metal, wood, and plastics thus suitable for attaching metal roofing panels, securely wood framing and joining materials.