Gutter screws


Gutter screws are essential components for securing gutters to the exterior of a building.
Made of galvanized steel for corrosion-resistance
Designed to be water-resistant, durable and easy to install
Properly installed gutter screws help maintain the gutter system’s functionality, preventing water damage to the building

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Gutter screws are specialized fasteners designed for securing gutters and downspouts to the exterior of a building. They play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the gutter system and preventing water damage to the structure. They are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel to ensure they withstand exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions without rusting. They are designed with a pointed tip for easy penetration into the gutter material, which is often made of vinyl. They also feature a thread design optimized for a secure grip. They have hex heads, making them easy to install with a standard nut driver or a power drill equipped with a socket attachment. The hex head provides better control during installation and in-built washers to create a water-tight seal between the screw and the gutter material to prevent leaks and the gutter material remains watertight.