Binding Wire


Used for tying the rebar so that it is held in its position firmly without any displacement
The thumb rule for calculating the weight of the binding wire is 1% of the total weight of the reinforcement bar
Made of mild steel
Keeps the reinforcements in place till concrete is poured and hardened

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Binding wire, is also known as baling wire or tie wire, it is a type of wire commonly used in construction and various other industries for securing or binding materials together. Binding wire is primarily used to secure and tie together various construction materials, like reinforcing bars (rebar), mesh, and other structural components. It helps maintain the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure. The galvanized binding wire has a protective zinc coating, which prevents it from rusting and makes it suitable for outdoor and exposed applications. Construction workers use binding wire to tie rebar together, secure wire mesh, and fasten other components to ensure they stay in place during the concrete pouring process. It is also used in masonry work and for various types of temporary and permanent construction connections. When using binding wire, workers should take safety precautions, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and ensuring the wire is secured tightly to avoid accidents.