Rexe Gray Single Layered Shingles


4 Tab Yaprak Gray is a premium roofing material designed for construction.
Features a stylish gray color and a four-tab design
Offers an attractive and durable roofing solution
Suitable for both residential and light commercial construction projects

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4 Tab Yaprak Gray is a high-quality roofing material engineered to meet the demands of construction projects. The shingles provide a blend of aesthetic appeal and durability, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of construction applications, iuding residential and light commercial structures. The defining feature of these shingles is their distinctive four-tab design, which adds a touch of visual interest to the roof. This design also simplifies installation by providing clear alignment guides. These shingles offer a balance between cost and performance, delivering lasting protection and visual appeal to the structures they cover, which is essential for the construction industry..